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We pride ourselves on supporting our fellow Australians and playing our part for the environment. All materials used to pack our boxes are sustainable and manufactured in Australia. All our products used to fill our event boxes have been carefully sort. All are sourced locally and/or produced by small businesses and families and some supporting local charities, which we love!

Featured Brands

Alex the Jam Maker started the Jam Bandits from a small kitchen in Sydney's Surry Hills. He was passionate about supplying handcrafted, artisanal preserves and sauces using only the best Australian and seasonal ingredients, free from additives or preservatives. He took inspiration from his Italian Nanna's traditional recipes then added his own creative twists to develop a range of products which reflected his love of delicious and original flavour combinations.

Sadly Alex passed away from cancer in 2018, but The Jam Bandits continue to live on as his Legacy thanks to his Father John, who is running the business and selling Jams, with all profits donated to the Gasto-Intestinal Cancer Research Foundation.

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The Jam Bandits Rhubarb & Mixed Berry Jam

Retrosweat's founder and creator Shannon Dooley is a NIDA acting graduate, choreographer, Singer, 1980s expert, and certified fitness instructor who believes that fitness must be fun and fabulous.

Retrosweat combines her love of iconic and timeless pop music, vintage fashion and mission to make dance and movement easy and accessible to everybody. Shannon loves using Retrosweat as a vehicle to take participants on a theatrical and joyous time traveling journey through which they can forget their 21st century troubles, lose their inhibitions and rediscover their inner child.

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Retrosweat Clothing

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