How It Works

Virtual Event Box is the real deal when it comes to wowing your attendees. Virtual Event Box connects your virtual attendees with your brand in a bespoke and connected way, helping people to experience an element of the traditional event experience with the new virtual world.

It’s the perfect way of allowing those not “at the event in person” to experience the brand, the product or the event in a richer way.

Delivered by us to your clients, staff, partners – whoever you want to engage with more deeply.

Your Journey

01 - Connect

Reach out and connect with us, we'll talk you through the journey.

02 - Collaborate

Let’s talk so we can learn about your objectives. How you want your audience to feel is the most important thing to us.

03 - Collate

We will bring together ideas and solutions for you to work with. We will do the hard work connecting the dots and bringing you an inspiring solution.

04 - Create

We've got you covered, your boxes will be created and delivered by our team.

05 - Celebrate

Successful events and inspired guests. The online virtual experience that no one will forget.

Note *Our event boxes are made from the highest quality, sustainable materials making them perfect for repurposing into handy storage containers. Don't want to keep the box? Not to worry - they are also completely recyclable!