From networking to masterclasses and everything in between, Virtual Event Box is here to bring hybrid and virtual events to you in exciting new ways.

It’s the perfect way of allowing those not “at the event in person” to experience the brand, the product or the event in a richer way.

We have created these unique virtual event experiences for you to engage more deeply with your audience. Have an idea? But have no idea? Just ask us and we can help you create something special.

We Gift Rap

WE GIFT RAP is Australia’s first Hip Hop inspired song writing gift service. They write and produce professional-quality songs with video clips, tailored for all occasions to create truly unforgettable moments.

Virtual Event box has teamed up the Creators of We Gift Rap, to create Virtual rap experiences to engage your team such as;  a zoom facilitated rap writing workshop, a rap to celebrate your company achievements or just  wrap up your virtual event with a custom rap and gift box.

  • Fun team building experience
  • Outside the box
  • Engaging
We Gift Rap LogoRetrosweat Class Image


Working out is pure pleasure and joy when you’re getting hot ‘n’ heavy with David Bowie, The Pointer Sisters, Prince or The Police and looking bodacious while you’re doing it.

Retrosweat is more than a workout. It’s an experience. Retrosweat's founder and creator Shannon Dooley is a NIDA acting graduate, choreographer, Singer, 1980s expert, and certified fitness instructor who believes that fitness must be fun and fabulous.

Retrosweat is a vehicle that take participants on a theatrical and joyous time traveling journey through which they can forget their 21st century troubles, lose their inhibitions and rediscover their inner child.

  • Get Fit
  • Engage with your team
  • Have fun

In The Bottle

Virtual Wine tasting, looking for an engaging virtual networking event? Send your virtual event attendees a curated virtual event box with all the trimmings of a successful networking or team building event. Wines, award winning snacks and top it off with an engaging, fun and education wine tasting by sommelier Angelica Nohra.

  • Fun
  • Engaging
  • Educational
In The Bottle with Angelica Nohra
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